Tweak list

Name Version Description Size Bundle ID
Bongwater1.2.0Completely redesign the phone app contacts screen21 KBcom.qiop1379.bongwater
Copy!1.0.1Triple tap on UILabels to select and copy text7.9 KBcom.qiop1379.copy
Cut1.0.0Trim trailing whitespace in sent text messages.8 KBcom.qiop1379.cut
DesignerXI1.2.1Easily create and manage themes or zeppelin icons directly from your device!22.6 KBcom.qiop1379.designerxi
DockOutline1.1.4Turn the dock into an outline8.3 KBcom.qiop1379.dockoutline
DownloadBar1.0.0Spice up the app download process with a nice progress bar and percentage indicator7.7 KBcom.qiop1379.downloadbar
FixFacebookCrash1.0.1Fix crashes with the Facebook SDK2.3 KBcom.qiop1379.fixfacebookcrash
Garfield1.0.0Forget to study? Know morse code? This is the perfect tweak for you.8.4 KBcom.qiop1379.garfield
Meteorite1.2.4A iOS 10-12 remake of the legendary Meteor tweak for iOS 9!56.1 KBcom.qiop1379.meteorite
PowerDown1.4.0PowerDown rewritten for iOS 1181.6 KBcom.qiop1379.powerdown
Pulse1.0.0make the passcode buttons pulse when pressed2.5 KBcom.qiop1379.pulse
RomanKeypad1.1.2Change the buttons in the phone app to Roman numerals160.2 KBcom.qiop1379.romankeypad
SeparatorBegone!1.2.1Remove the separator on UITableViews and UIStackViews4.5 KBcom.qiop1379.separatorbegone
Shreddit1.0.1Change most of the reddit functions to end in -eddit. Doesn't really do much.952 Bcom.qiop1379.shreddit
SpotlightGo1.0.0Launch apps from spotlight by pressing "Search"3.9 KBcom.qiop1379.spotlightgo
StatusColor1.0.0Color your status bar!156.6 KBcom.qiop1379.statuscolor
Thinner1.1.1Change font weight on the lockscreen clock/date.65.4 KBcom.qiop1379.thinner
Yessir1.1.1Make your alerts better10.8 KBcom.qiop1379.yessir